How to promote affiliate links without a website

Here are some ideas on how to promote affiliate marketing without a website using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Forums.

Here are some ideas on how to promote affiliate marketing without a website using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Forums.


How to promote affiliate links on FaceBook.

1. Use Your Facebook Profile

Post your affiliate link on your Facebook profile. Talk a little bit about the benefits of whatever you are selling. Easy.

2. Join and Use Groups

Visit Facebook groups related to the topic of your affiliate link. Scroll through the conversations and respond in helpful ways with your affiliate link. Not only will the original poster see your link, but others will as well.

3. Create A Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page related to the products that you are promoting. It is not a good idea to create a straight-up “Affiliate Product, Facebook Page”. Instead, create a page related to the products you are promoting. For instance, if you are promoting Amazon Business Books, create a “Black Business Masterminds” Facebook Page and use that to promote books that you find on Amazon.

4. Boost your Facebook Page Posts

Not only will you get more likes for your page, but you will also make much more money than other strategies here.


How to promote affiliate links on Twitter

1. Tweet out your affiliate link.

Make sure to add actual words and an image to your tweet! You will get more attention from tweets with images attached than regular old text tweets. Also, use emojis to draw attention to your links. 

2. Add your affiliate link to your Twitter profile

People will look at your profile. When they do, they will click the link you have included on your site. Use that spot to promote your affiliate link!

3. Help people on your timeline

When you see tweets from people asking questions or expressing frustration with a problem, send them your affiliate links as solutions. Don't be spammy or creepy.

4. Do A Tweet Chat

A TweetChat is a live Twitter event that you moderate for a certain period of time that uses a specific hashtag and that is focused around a general topic. If you choose to focus on physical fitness for your Tweetchat from noon to 3 PM, then your Tweets will look something like this (if you changed that Youtube video link to an affiliate link).

Be sure to create a unique hashtag and tell everyone to use that hashtag so that you can keep up with the conversation.


How to promote affiliate links on a Blog without a website

You can promote your affiliate links on other people's blogs by commenting on related any topics and adding your affiliate links in the reply. The best way to find blogs related to your product is to use Google search. For example "Affiliate Marketing Blogs" or "Affiliate Marketing Comments"


How to promote affiliate links on Instagram

1. Use Your Bio Link

Paste your affiliate link in your Instagram bio’s website section. When other users click on it to check it out, you could earn a commission if they decide to make a purchase. Easy.

2. Create A Catalog

Instead of including an affiliate link in your profile, create a catalog that you update regularly with items from Instagram that others are promoting. Here is a great guide on how to do that for free.


Niche Forums

Niche forums are forums based on a very specific topic. There are new mother forums, Mustang car forums, and bourbon forums out there. Doesn’t get more niche than that! Pick forums based on the affiliate links you are promoting and follow the tips below.

1. Signature Links

Create a profile, and use your affiliate link in your signature.

2. Forum Post

You can create an informative post regarding your affiliate products or service and include your links. 


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