About MyBizFeed

MyBizFeed Affiliate and Digital Marketplace

MyBizFeed is a professional affiliate and digital marketplace for affiliate networks, affiliates, advertisers, digital marketers, media buyers, and sellers.

MyBizFeed is one of the largest traffic marketplaces where affiliate networks, advertisers, affiliate marketers, and digital marketers who sell/buy media traffic can quickly connect and do business. On MyBizFeed, media sellers & media buyers can post freely their traffic requests or offer requests and find publishers and advertisers to work with.

MyBizFeed platform enhances the experience of media digital buyers and sellers online. Are you an affiliate network, advertisers, affiliate marketers, and digital marketers, generating media CPA traffic or buying CPA traffic for your offers? or selling digital products? With MyBizFeed you can reach thousands of potential affiliates and advertisers. MyBizFeed allows you to create a business account, media buyer, and media seller account.


Our Mission

We’re building a platform, not just a product. That allows Affiliates Marketers, Advertisers, Digital Marketers, Content Marketers, and Affiliates Networks, where online marketers from all around the world can connect and quickly find potential partners. A platform that makes it easy and free to post your media content on any requested media offers and connect with thousands of potential partners.


Who Can Use MyBizFeed?

  1. Those who want to sell or buy any CPA traffic/data/leads/digital products, etc.
  2. Those who want to find a job or an employee in the online marketing industry.
  3. Those who want to create a company profile and company group.
  4. Those who want to learn about affiliate marketing.


How It Works

  1. Are you selling or buying traffic? Looking for a job or an employee? Simply post your media ad and let the relevant people contact you.
  2. Browse all the offers and find the most relevant to your needs. Then simply contact the users and start doing business.


MyBizFeed.com is not just for affiliates and networks but for digital marketers as well. If your affiliate network is not yet listed in our feeds but would like to do so, please create an account by clicking here.