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MyBizFeed is a professional marketing marketplace for Affiliates Networks, Affiliates, Advertisers, and Digital Marketer's. The best platform to find online marketing partners. Build and grow your marketing career with the right audience.

Keep all marketing information you need within your reach,  MyBizFeed is one of the largest marketing marketplace where people who sell/buy traffic can quickly connect and do business. On MyBizFeed, media sellers & media buyers can post freely their traffic offers or Ad request and find publishers and advertisers to work with.
Target your campaign to reach a qualified audience based on job title, industry, company name, and more. We are all about helping CPA marketers and CPA advertisers connect and find the right CPA offers and traffic sources. MyBizFeed.com is a base for real affiliates and advertisers. 

MyBizFeed.com is not just for affiliates, advertisers, and affiliate networks but general digital marketers and business organizations. If you an affiliate, affiliate networks and digital marketers start to build and engage with your professional network.
With MyBizFeed you can reach thousands of potential direct advertisers, traffic buyers, and media sellers. MyBizFeed allows you to create a business account, affiliate account, advertiser account, and marketing account.


Save time, Digital and Affiliate Marketing in one place


Affiliate and Digital Marketing Feeds

Build relationships with your ideal audience and drive results all on a platform built for marketing. The system is built to enables search engines from different source to crawl your account activities such as your profile,  your affiliate and digital marketing feeds. 

Increase your marketing awareness. See every marketing feed on your timeline. Post and share your affiliate and digital offers, ad requests, and business with trusted hundreds to thousands to millions of digital marketers, affiliates, affiliate networks, advertisers, media sellers, media buyers, and potential business partners in no time.


Post your media ADS request and offers on MyBizFeed

Are you an affiliate, affiliate network, advertiser, affiliate, or digital marketer looking for advertisement offers, traffic for your ads offer, business to promote, or business connection? 

Drive affiliates, advertisers to your network and grow brand awareness by posting your ads directly in your target audience's MyBizFeed feed and let the relevant people contact you.


Search for digital and affiliate marketing offers

Everything you need to empower your professional network.  Instead of going over to different of websites, MyBizFeed is mainly and fully digital marketing business-oriented with everything related to online Digital Marketing in one place. 

Start reaching the world's largest professional audiences today. All marketing niche in one place.


Create digital Page and Group for your business

Nurture your target audience at every stage. Build brand awareness, drive engagement, and generate leads. Creating a page and group for your digital network.


Increase your Digital Business awareness

Audiences exposed to brand and networks blogs on MyBizFeed are 10x more likely to convert. Increase your digital business awareness. Write a unique and readable article post about your service and digital business. The system enables the search engines to crawl your blog and article from time to time. You have the opportunity to list your affiliate marketing services and digital business through the article to search engines like Google/Bing.


Search engine benefits

The best way to get on search engines' radar, list your business on MyBizFeed. Your business activities will be crawled by search engine bots, and there is 70% assurance that your business activities will be listed on either “Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Ask, etc.” Increase your search engine results, enjoy more connections.


Save your time, connect with direct advertisers and affiliates

Open up conversations about your brand. Post your affiliate ads and offers on MyBizFeed and let the relevant people contact you.


Users Review

Get to know more about your new connections, so you can:

  1. Read reviews about other users before you start working with them.
  2. Write positive or negative reviews about other users.
  3. Increase your connections and business proposals thanks to positive reviews.


Start your digital marketing journey with MyBizFeed. Build and engage with your professional network.