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White label NFT Marketplace is an exclusive customizable nft marketplace developed to list and trade digital assets in the form of NFTs.

Our expert team helps you by offering white label NFT marketplace development service on top of various Blockchains which allows businesses to e


The Decentralized NFT is created utilizing the Decentralized NFT Protocol, a decentralized cross-chain network that permits the trade, minting, and management of NFT assets throughout the blockchain community. NFTs are empowering the digital content creators and the asset holders to grow in an egalitarian environment without any hosting agents.

Aside from developing the white label NFT Marketplace development, we have experience creating end-to-end Defi, DAO, and Metaverse. AssetfinX is a one-stop destination for all your requirements for tokenizing your artworks, music, films, animated gifs, and other assets.

Revenue Models In White Label NFT Marketplace

Listing fee

The listing fees that users pay when they list NFTs on your marketplace increase the platform's revenue stream.

Commission fee

One of the best methods for generating income in the market is by charging a commission for buying, selling, and trading NFTs.

Auction fee

The trading of NFTs in an auction medium provides the NFTs with quick liquidity and allows them to generate income from the market.

Marketing fee

One of the methods to generate income in a market is through service fees that NFT marketing users collect.

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